Wellbeing refers to a state of being in good physical, mental, and emotional health, characterised by a sense of satisfaction, contentment, and overall positive wellbeing.

Sometimes, we can maintain our wellbeing through managing and balancing our lives. Sometimes our wellbeing meets a challenge, our momentum is lost and we need some support. This could be due to many things including an emotional influence, an external situation, an injury or a disease and we can offer support in two ways, through workshops and classes and through our Wellbeing Multi-Disciplinary Team.

From time to time we run workshops and classes based on prevention planning and also coping strategies for when the ‘what if’ becomes reality. These are publicised through our Newsletter, social media and on our Home Page.

We are fortunate at Revival Health and Wellbeing to have a group of individuals from different professional backgrounds who come together to work collaboratively in finding the best solution for our clients. So, if you were to approach a particular practitioner within the Centre they may, with your approval discuss your case with another practitioner at Revival to create a Wellbeing Multi-Disciplinary team.

This Wellbeing Multi-Disciplinary Team assesses your situation with each team member bringing their own specialised knowledge and viewpoint to the table. This diversity of perspectives enables comprehensive problem-solving, encourages creative thinking, and helps uncover innovative solutions that might not be apparent from a single disciplinary approach. By working together, sharing information, and engaging in open discussions, team members can gain a deeper understanding of each other’s roles, perspectives and challenges. This leads a better, more comprehensive outcome for our clients.

The composition of the Wellbeing Multi-Disciplinary Team can vary depending on the specific context or purpose. It may include neurological physiotherapy and psychological support and reflexology as the client learns how to live with a disease. It may include a physiotherapist or osteopath working with our meditation practitioner to help introduce pain management to an injured or post op patient. Each unique presentation will demand and receive the right set of specialised skills.

These are just some examples of our workshops, or classes, or when our Wellbeing Multi-Disciplinary Team may work together

Pain Management – introducing the different way we can manage pain through physical and psychological therapies

Child Anxiety – a collaborative approach from nutrition, reflexology, NLP and psychological

Fall Prevention – how to reduce your risk of having a fall

Parkinson’s Exercise Classes – neuroactive exercises designed to retrain your brain and improve your Parkinson’s symptoms

Prehab  – how to get ready for an operation or treatment for a disease to aid and speed up your recovery

Ageing with confidence –ease the ageing process and reduce illness by increasing strength, function and mobility

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“Change is possible if you want to change and are willing to discover new ways of being…with yourself, your thoughts, and others”