Sports Massage

Sports Massage is important in the prevention of, as well as a treatment for an injury.

It is not just for sports people and application ranges from remedial to deep tissue techniques

Sports massage is a treatment involving manipulation and mobilisation of the soft tissues of the body. Many different movements and techniques are used from remedial to deep tissue.

​The physical and psychological benefits of sports massage are for everyone and not just sports people, which include:

​- Increased flexibility and joint range of movement​​​
​- Decreased muscle tension
​- Aids recovery from sport and physical activity
​- Helps to reduce scar tissue and restores muscular imbalances
​- Relieves muscular pain and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
​- Helps prevent injury
​- Improves overall wellbeing through reducing stress and releasing endorphins
​- Helps relaxation which can result in an improvement in sleep
​- Supports functional, pain-free everyday movement as well as athletic performance

Research shows that athletes receiving regular sports massage perceive they are less fatigued and recover faster from training and sport along with other benefits such as improved mood and better sleep.

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