Parkinson’s Exercise Class

Our Parkinson’s exercise classes are designed to help improve balance, co-ordination and strength, which will help increase your confidence in moving around and completing functional tasks.  In turn this will help slow down and manage your Parkinson’s symptoms, reduce stiffness and minimise the risk of falling.  Set in our fully equipped gym amongst a small group you will meet other people with Parkinson’s creating a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our highly qualified and experienced Neurological Physiotherapist, Sandie Holden, will guide you through a gentle warm-up and a variety of aerobic and functional exercises in a circuit format.  The aim of the class is to help you build confidence to manage your symptoms and to enjoy exercising.

The benefits of attending our Parkinson’s exercise classes include:

  • building and maintaining muscle strength
  • accessing a wider range of movement and flexibility
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • maintaining a healthy body weight
  • an increase in confidence and own physical ability
  • decreased fatigue
  • improved sleep
  • socialising with others with the same condition
  • improved cognitive function
  • decreased constipation
  • improved mood

Remember that the first step is always the hardest and being active is all about building a routine into your lifestyle.  If you’re not used to being active, or if you are finding it challenging to manage your Parkinson’s symptoms, then it’s important to make exercising fun and achievable. Our Parkinson’s classes are perfect for understanding what exercises work best for you and gaining the confidence to try new activities that will challenge you further.

The classes run on a weekly basis at Revival gym. Each programme runs for 6 weeks and is payable in advance.

Programme 1: Thursday 10:00am – 10:45am
Programme 2: Thursday 11:00am – 11:45am

Please contact us to book onto the classes. We operate a strict first come first served basis and places can be booked in advance.

For more information on staying active with Parkinson’s Disease please visit

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Sandie Holden

Neurological Physiotherapist