Revival Health and Wellbeing Centre provides a safe and compassionate space for you to process your emotions, navigate the experience and find ways to adjust your life.

As well as bringing a roller coaster of physical challenges, pregnancy is also a period of significant emotional and psychological changes. It is common for expectant parents to experience a wide range of emotions, including excitement, anxiety, and fear either during the pregnancy and also post partum. Pregnancy counselling provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your feelings, concerns, and fears related to pregnancy and parenthood.

I also provide crucial emotional support for pregnancy loss or complications and help process the grief and trauma associated with such experiences. I offer a safe space to navigate the complex emotions, make meaning of the loss, and explore options for future pregnancies or family-building alternatives.

Bereavement therapy, also known as grief counselling or grief therapy, is a specialised form of therapy designed to support individuals who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.

It can be hard to return to normal life after the death of a loved one. Bereavement therapy recognises that grief is a natural response to loss and that each person’s grief journey is unique. I work collaboratively with you to explore and make sense of your feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, or confusion, to share your memories, stories, and thoughts about your loved one. I also help identify and process any unresolved issues or unfinished business that may be complicating your grief process.

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