Strong & Steady Class

The Strong & Steady Class is designed to improve your strength and balance so you feel more confident in your mobility and when carrying out daily activities.

The class is led by a qualified healthcare professional such as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Sports Therapist who will guide you through a warm up and a variety of aerobic, strength, balance and functional exercises in a circuit format.  All exercises have various ability levels and can be done seated or standing so anyone can take part.  Classes take place in our fully equipped gym where you will be supervised to use everything safely.

The class will also cover how to get up from the floor safely should you have a fall.

The Strong & Steady Class is suitable for those who have:

  • reduced mobility following surgery or a period of illness
  • a long standing medical condition
  • pain from a musculoskeletal condition (for example osteoarthritis)
  • decreased muscle strength
  • had a recent fall
  • a risk or fear of falling
  • balance and/ or coordination difficulties
  • low bone density (osteoporosis)
  • fatigue
  • reduced fitness or are overweight
  • a lack of confidence in mobility or how to exercise

If you want to improve your strength, balance, coordination, posture, flexibility, mobility, core strength, fitness and activity levels then our Strong & Steady Class is a great place to start. 

Improving these physical aspects will help you stay healthy as you age, manage weight, maintain your independence, reduce the risk of falls and keep you doing the things you love.  Don’t forget the additional benefits of exercise that include better sleep, managing stress and enhanced mental health!

The guidance from our qualified and experienced healthcare professionals will help you increase your physical activity and exercise in a safe and graded way and you will be encouraged and supported by others in the class with similar challenges.  

We run two Strong & Steady Classes each week.  Each programme runs for 6 weeks and is payable in advance.

Programme 1: Tuesday 11 – 11.45 am

Programme 2: Tuesday 12 – 12.45pm

Please contact us to book onto the classes. We operate a strict first come first served basis and places can be booked in advance.

Strong and Steady wins the race!