Our story

Many will know us from our origins ‘Inkberrow Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Limited’. This company was formed and successfully run by Claire Parker as a single therapist. In 2022 Claire recognised that there was far more needed than only she could offer, not only in the immediate vicinity but within the health care system.

So, in June 2022 Claire moved her single practice into new premises and a team started to grow. Along with the team came new treatments widening the services available through the Clinic through the Clinic and Associates teams

In November 2022 Revival Gym was opened expanding into a new territory whilst providing open access for rehabilitation programmes through the Clinic.

At the same time, it became clear that the name of the Clinic did not represent the business any longer so a new identity was sought and chosen… but not announced. We continued to source new team members with skills that either complimented existing treatments or new services that supported the ethos of the business.

In July 2023 “Welcome to the world Revival Health and Wellbeing Centre“ and look how we have grown!

We are now a solid team in excess of 20 providing skills that not only treat individuals independently  but can also integrate to work together supporting any specific case. We provide treatments for generations from babies and children through to octogenarians +.

In a nutshell, we can

  • help you prepare for an operation by improving your health and fitness to promote your recovery
  • plan rehabilitation programmes to encourage your recovery
  • provide knowledge and plans to maintain your fitness and health levels
  • build strength into the ageing process to protect our bodies
  • support emotional and mental concerns you may be experiencing
  • guide and accompany you along your path towards a goal, life or work ambition
  • work with your diagnosis, existing or new, to support everyday mental and physical challenges
  • highlight potential illnesses or diseases
  • re-introduce self confidence physically and emotionally
  • care for you during prenatal and postnatal stages
  • promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation

….  this list is by no means exhausted and most importantly, no generation is excluded.