Prehab and Rehab

Prehabilitation (Prehab) and Rehabilitation (Rehab) are two phases that most of us experience during our lives. It is important to understand that, through careful planning and support from our Clinicians, your recovery could be a less painful and a quicker experience. You can also receive the right type and level of support as you learn to accommodate a major health adjustment into your life.

All programmes start with an appointment with your Clinician, during which they will fully assess your situation and discuss options with you.  You will be taken into the gym for the introductory session and they will spend time explaining as they take you through the programme of exercises they prescribe. It is vital that you understand everything that is being explained, so please do not worry about asking again (and again) for clarity. You then have access to the gym for a three month period to carry out your programme, either preceding your surgery or, as your recovery from an injury or surgery.

During your programme, your therapist will assess your progress midway. It is a great way to ensure you are still on the right track to a full recovery.

At the end of the three months, you may need to revisit your Clinician for a final assessment and that extra reassurance that you can now progress into a fully active lifestyle. Your therapist will discuss this with you during your programme and make the appropriate recommendation.

Prehabilitation is an essential part of preparation before surgery that focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, range of motion, stamina and functional ability and helps you achieve your best possible health to enhance your post-operative recovery.

Studies have shown the benefits of pre-hab before surgery include:

  • Helping mentally prepare you which leads to reduced anxiety, stress and enhances mental resilience to cope with surgery and post-operative recovery.
  • Enhances physical health.  By strengthening muscles and improving cardiovascular fitness you are better equipped to withstand the demands of surgery.
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduces the risk of post-operative complications
  • Speeds up and improves recovery after surgery
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Reducing and managing pain leading up to your surgery
  • Optimising successful outcomes of surgery

Whether you are having joint replacement surgery, back surgery, abdominal surgery, cardiac surgery or cancer surgery one of our practitioners can help you with your individualised pre-hab programme.  We will also provide education regarding expectations after surgery, returning to normal home and work activities and setting goals around these.

Pre-hab is a great way to set yourself up for successful surgery and recovery!

Rehabilitation programmes offer a multitude of benefits for individuals recovering from injuries, surgery or dealing with chronic conditions.  They are uniquely designed to optimise of physical function, promote healing, and enhance overall well-being.

Some key benefits of rehabilitation programmes include:

  • Restoring physical function and abilities, such as strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Our practitioners will create targeted exercises, therapies, and techniques enabling you to regain your mobility and functionality and the ability to perform daily activities with greater ease and independence.
  • Pain Management strategies help individuals alleviate discomfort and improve their quality of life. These may include techniques like manual therapy, heat/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, or therapeutic exercises that target specific areas of pain or injury. We are also able to collaborate with our Multi Disciplinary Team.
  • Optimal recovery after surgery or injury is more evident as rehabilitation programs play a vital role in facilitating the healing process, reducing the risk of complications and helps you regain your physical abilities more efficiently.
  • Preventing Future Injuries by supplying education on proper body mechanics, movement patterns and techniques to reduce the risk of re-injury or developing new injuries.
  • Psychological and Emotional Support is available through our Multi Disciplinary Team. Dealing with injuries or chronic conditions can be challenging emotionally and these programs provide guidance, counselling, and coping strategies to manage the psychological impact, promote resilience, and foster a positive mindset.
  • Promotion of Independence and Quality of Life is paramount. By improving your physical function, reducing pain and providing tools for self-management, these programs enable you to engage in meaningful activities, maintain social connections, and regain control over their lives.
  • Patient Focused Care and a bespoke programme as we are all unique with individual needs and goals. The programmes are designed to address specific conditions, taking into account the unique circumstances and requirements of each individual.
  • In summary, rehabilitation programs provide numerous benefits, and are an essential component of your recovery, rebuild, and regain of your optimal physical and emotional well-being.

Our rehabilitation programs support a safe and effective recovery journey.

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