Bowen Therapy

If you are seeking a gentle but very effective form of therapy, then the Bowen Technique (or Bowen Therapy) may be exactly what you are looking for!  A gentle process of releasing tension from fascia and specific points in the body, restoring alignment is the holistic approach that brings about positive change for the many patients. There is no manipulation of hard tissue and no force applied. 

Bowen can be effective at relieving or resolving an array of muscular/skeletal, organic and reproductive problems. This makes the Bowen Technique one of the most versatile therapeutic treatments available today. Bowen can be performed through light clothing and, due to it’s gentle nature, is suitable for everybody from birth to old age. It seeks to help resolve the effects of pain, ill health and the stresses and strains of modern life.

So, what conditions may Bowen help with?

  • back pain including sciatica
  • leg/knee/hip pain
  • foot/ankle pain, plantar fasciitis 
  • shoulder & neck problems/whiplash
  • sports injuries, chronic and acute
  • tennis elbow/golfers elbow/RSI and carpal tunnel
  • migraines and headaches
  • Fibromyalgia, ME
  • infant colic, bed wetting, growing pains, ADHD
  • fluid retention and lymphoedema
  • stress related illness and stress management
  • pregnancy Symptoms

Hello, I am Carole Crowe. My passion for the Bowen Technique began 15 years ago and is rooted in my own personal experience of how my health improved beyond measure after I discovered this unique form of holistic therapy.  I have continued to expand my knowledge following graduation and have specialist training in sports injury, exercise and rehabilitation, Mother and Baby, Spinal conditions, muscle energy techniques, scar tissue release and more.

It is the holistic approach, addressing the body as a whole, not only the condition to be treated, which can sometimes bring about positive change where other therapies have not resulted in lasting relief.

See testimonial from none other than Bear Grylls. 

“Sometimes you need to press pause to allow everything to sink in.”

  Carole Crowe certCBS. Appointments can be made by telephone or text/Whatsapp on 07950792900.